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Are Pugs Energetic? {Active Or Frenetic?}

Pugs can sometimes be a lot to handle. Your pug can be hyperactive. It can create problems for you. But, you can also derive a newfound perspective on this idea of your pug’s hyperactivity. Pugs can be extremely curious. Pugs can be hyperactive. Do not worry about it much. With some things in place, your pug’s hyperactivity won’t be such a problem for you. We will know more about at what age the hyperactivity goes down. Just focus on what you can do as a parent to channel all of your pug’s creative energy at the right places?

Are Pugs Hyper?

Pugs can be very hyper. However, their hyperactivity comes from a variety of reasons. They can be very notorious when being hyper. They can pee on the floor. To tackle these issues make sure you have well-trained your pug. They are very energetic dogs. Your pooch is so naughty he might have pulled his leash when going for a walk. It is this hyper adorableness that makes pugs so famous among pet owners.

What Causes Your Pugs to be Frenetic?

Pugs can be excessively hyper. There is a reason as to why your pugs are hyper. We should know about the reasons. Remember that pugs are companion dogs. Is there any chance that you have been spending a lot less time with your pug? If it is yes then your pug might have issues with separation anxiety. It can lead to your pug being super hyper. There is another term for hyperactive dogs known as Frenetic Random Activity Dogs or “The Zoomies”.

The problem with hyperactivity can be more detectable in pug puppies compared to adult pugs. Remember showing hyperactivity is a common trait among many dogs and pugs. You do not have to worry about it much. The bursts of hyperactivity only last for a few seconds. After that, your pugs will have no problems.

Pointers on Pug’s Triggers for Hyperactivity

  1. Excitement: Is your pug getting too excited without any reason? Well, you need to see, did someone ring the doorbell. Pugs can be excited about small things. They get excited for no reason.
  2. Playfulness: Pugs can be very playful. They do not want to miss the fun. If they see some other dog playing with you, your pug will jump right in.
  3. Separation anxiety: Pugs cannot live without you for very long. They might appear extremely happy when you come back from work. It is the accumulated sadness that finds expression. 
  4. Bathtime: Well, truth be told, pugs can also have the zoomies after a relaxing bath. It is because pugs do not like baths in general. Once you complete your pug’s bath, they are frenetic and hyper. 

A bath can surely give your pug some stress. That’s why after the bath is over, pugs feel relieved.

At What Age Do Pugs Calm Down?

As your puppy transitions to adulthood, he will calm down. It does not mean you do not have to deal with hyperactive behaviour. But, there is a chance that it will happen less when they grow up. The older pugs want to lay next to their owners and enjoy themselves. The young pugs can be a bit naughty. 

Do keep a check on your pug. Make sure you are watching the zoomie episodes of your pug. Though, it shouldn’t be much of a problem. But pretty fast, it can also turn into a mess. 

Frenetic/Hyperactive Period of Pugs

Well, truth be told pugs can be a bit of a problem when they are hyper. But they are naturally born with such temperaments. As pet owners, we need to accept our dogs the way they are. Young pugs can be hyperactive but when they grow in age they become calmer. You give them your pug some space to be better dogs like that. Zoomies will lessen as your pug starts to age. It will happen when old age catches your pug.

How Does Your Pug Behave When Having a Zoomie?

Pugs can behave frantically when having a zoomie episode. The feature will be short bursts of energy. Your pooch will run here and there. Some bodily changes that will be more prevalent while your pug has a zoomie:

  • They can break into a gallop suddenly after standing for a while.
  • They will have excited eyes.
  • They will run in attack mode.
  • They will spin more often and change directions quickly.

Can Zoomies be Dangerous for Your Pug?

The short answer is not. It should be fine if your pug is experiencing the episode for a short period. The episode will probably last some minutes then it will go away. However, look into some things to keep your pooch off from any injury. 

  • Make sure that your pooch does not have any injury due to a restricted space. What if your pooch accidentally bumps its head under the table. Slip on a rug and fall off somewhere. There are possibilities of your pug getting injured in a cramped space. 
  • Make your living space free of items when your pug is small. Your pugs can cause accidents when things are at bay.
  • Many pug owners can decode the zoomie time frame. They are always active to mitigate any possible zoomie crisis that might come near them.

How Can Frenetic/Hyperactivity be Prevented in Pugs?

Pugs can have a strong frenetic episode. The question then comes, how do you control these episodes. How can you control this hyperactive frenzy? Some things you can do to prevent your pugs-

Engage your pug in regular exercise

It’s a simple process of letting all the energy find a channel of expression. Exercise gives you that beautiful outlet. Make sure there are play sessions for your pug as well. It will keep your pug busy and engaged. It can also curb the excess hyperactivity that you have to deal with your pug. 

You should engage your pooch in a good 20-30 minute exercise, try dividing each session into both morning and evening. It will tire your pooch out. It will do an excellent job for your pug’s health, body and mind. When you go to work then make sure you have enough toys for your pug to play with.

Another thing you can do is to fence your backyard. Allow your naughty pooch to wear off energy levels. That way you do not have to be concerned about your pooch and you will also have some fun. 

Daily routines help your pugs to calm down

Make sure you have a routine for your pug. Organise the schedule in a properly structured manner. It should cover all the activities of your pug’s like waking up and sleeping. The routine should include everything from breakfast to dinner time. It helps your pugs to find some certainty in life. 

Your pug is never scared when they find some certainty in life. Routines also give you as an owner adequate know-how about your pug’s zoomies. You can decode when a zoomie is likely to happen. That indeed is a very prevalent power for you. You can predict before if your pooch will have a zoomie phase.

Socialization Helps Your Pooch

If your pooch lives alone, there are plenty of reasons for him to be sad. Support your pooch to steer off the lonely phase. Make sure he remains happy in his life. Take him to his other dog friends. Take him out for him to meet new friends. Make sure he makes other friends that are his peers. That way the pug’s physical and emotional health will prosper. 

Reduce your pooch’s anxiety

As a human parent, you must take care of your pooch. Make sure your pooch is healthy at an emotional level. Try to reduce the anxiety it faces from separation. Make sure they do not have any issue inking because of you not being with him. 

Give some toys that would distract them while you are not there at home. Do know that pugs are sensitive dogs. They feel bad easily. You can use aromatherapy. It has been beneficial for some pooches to reduce anxiety. 

Train your pugs

Well, training can go leaps and bounds for our precious pugs. And, pugs do well when they get good training. But, you have to be patient with them. Make sure you and your pug are on the same page. Pugs can take a long time to be completely trained. It will be better if you have some consultation with an experienced vet before embarking on your training pet journey. 

Pugs need to be limited and trained when they are naughty. It’s not a rude thing to let your pooch know you are tired. Make sure they learn discipline and do not poop here and there in the home. It’s okay to be firm with them once in a while. Try to use positive reinforcement to control the restless activity of your pooch. Fanatic activities can also be curbed by teaching your pug values.

Go out with your pooch

Well, it would be great if you can move around a bit with your pug. But be prepared to be pulled by your dog. Your pooch looks small, but it can pull you easily when excited. Make some runs with them. Let them feel the air, charge their bodies a bit. Do not use collars like choke collars on them. That can strain their neck. Use a leash and let the running tire your pooch. So that you don’t face a hyperactive pug.

How Much Exercise Do Your Pugs Need?

Pugs have an issue with heat. They can have breathing issues and health problems because they belong to the brachycephalic breed. Excessive exercise can be harmful to pugs. Just make sure your pug gets enough exercise as to not be obese. As obesity can also cause multiple problems for your pooch. Make sure your pooch is just walking with you. Having a bit of run and that should suffice.

Are Pugs Low Energy Dogs?

Pugs should not be considered low-energy dogs at all. They have a lot of untapped energy. They like to run and are fanatics. They are good pets to have. If you think they love being outdoors, then you are wrong. However, they are companion dogs that love to play and have fun. They can be very dynamic as they love movement.

Does Discipline Work as a Deterrent Against Pug’s Hyperactivity?

Well, truth be told pugs can be hyperactive than other dogs. They love movement as they cannot remain still. Discipline helps several things on a pug. It keeps a check on the pug’s hyperactivity. Some ways in which discipline can help.

  • Make your pugs learn basic commands like sit, stand etc.
  • Help them to know where to poop.
  • Let them play so that they can ward off all the extra energy.
  • Learn to identify their emotions and design your training as per their state of mind.

When can you start training your pug?

Training a pug is not very effective when they are young. You can start training your pooch when they are at least 6 months of age. During the fragile years, give them all the love and care. Do know that loving helps a pug to do wonders. They can do amazing things. Loving helps their emotion in place and also their cognition. A good brain ahead can grasp all the training skills. 

Final Words

Do not worry, being hyperactive is there in your pug’s DNA. You make sure your pooch is okay. The zooming period can be just a phase. If the situation in a way feels abnormal to you, then do contact your vet. Train your pooch in a manner that they can combat their hyperactivity. Training with professionals will help your pooch tremendously. 

Professionals can train your pug in just 6 months in comparison to one year that you might take for its training. Make sure you take them to a nearby park for a walk session daily. Do not tire them with unnecessary activity. And pugs do not require a lot of exercise. Just enough for you to have a grip on their frantic behaviour.