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Best Grooming Brush for Pugs #Slicker Brush

Pug’s coats require a lot of care. A lot of pug owners do not know at first how much their pugs can shed? You might pick pug hair off your clothes during office hours. Fawn pugs in general have double coats leading them to shed more. But do not worry, brushing regularly can take care of the bulk of the shedding problem. Here, we will know more about the shedding issue in the pugs. Know more about the types of brushes that can be used to groom your pug’s hair. And, also look out for the best brushes that can help you with your pug’s shedding issue. 

Important Things to Know While Selecting the Best Brush for Your Pug

Pugs might be having short hair, but do remember fawn pugs have double coats. That’s why fawn pugs shed a lot. Black pugs who have a single coat also do a bit of shedding. Brushing actually helps to keep your pug’s fur coat smooth. It eliminates the falling of pug hair here and there.

Grooming brushes can never be similar. In your pug’s case, you need a brush that can reach your pug’s undercoat. Always remember that dogs have different needs. Similarly, no two dogs can have a similar hairdo session. Look for brushes that are suitable for your pug needs.

Remember price does not determine better quality. It’s about the smartness that will help you get the best brush. Do proper research. You will know which brush is suitable for your pug. There are many affordable brushes in the market that help out with your pug’s hairdo. 

For double coats and short hair, some brushes are better off than others. This includes- slicker brushes and bristle brushes. You can also use de-shedding tools, grooming gloves to deal with your pug’s shedding problem. 

Is Pug Fur Different From Other Dog Breeds?

Many people might be deceived that pugs have smooth-sleek fur. When you touch a pug, you would immediately realise that pugs have coarse hair. But with regular brushing, grooming the coarse hair can be made softer. Remember, pugs aren’t maintenance-free dogs. You will have to put some money aside for the welfare of your pug.

As many dogs shed only two times a year. Pugs on the other hand can shed year-round. However, fawn pugs shed more since they have two coats, overcoat and undercoat. On the other hand, black pugs can shed a little less. Make sure that you have a regular brushing routine for your pug. It will help you to keep their fur soft and shiny.

Pugs shed more when compared to other dogs. You will see the shedding more during summers. So don’t expect any breaks. Use the right shampoo for your pug. Remember, it’s completely normal for your pug to lose a lot of hair after a bath. Do not freak out, just make sure your pooch has a good shampoo that will nourish its hair. 

Types of Brushes for Your Pug

Remember you have to choose a brush that accurately suits the hair type of your pooch. So, choose your brush accordingly. Here are some different types of brush-

Slicker Brush

Slicker brushes are metal brushes with packed metal pins also known as bristles. Remember these bristles can irritate your pug’s skin. Brush your pug’s hair gently. It will help you to get the dry hair out of your pug’s fur. It does an amazing job in getting out the thick matted hair underneath the skin. The brush is extremely versatile. You can use it to get hairs out from undercoats. 

Bristle Brush

The bristle brush is an amazing brush. It helps you to get all of the dirt and dander out. Remember to always choose a bristle brush that has packed bristles. That way it will help you to clean your pug’s hair more efficiently. Remember bristle brushes are generally two-sided. One side might have pins and the other side might have softer synthetic bristles. You can use both sides as per your choice. Do not use any brush that has hard bristles. Hard bristles can damage your pug’s skin.

Deshedding Tool

Deshedding tools can be a bit uncomfortable for your pug. It is to be used to comb off hair in the undercoat region. Its outer layer often has stainless steel. Make sure that your pug does not have an issue while being combed. Make sure your pug does not get hurt while you use the tool.

Grooming Gloves

Grooming gloves are an amazing alternative for your pugs. Many pugs do not like to be combed with a brush. So, they often search for ways to avoid a grooming session. It’s a great tool as it has bristles in the gloves. All you need to do is pat your pug and that does the trick. It comes in many sizes. It’s a good tool if your pug is uncomfortable with hair combing. It also helps you to keep the outer fur in check along with rooting out dead hairs from the undercoat.

Pin Brush

Pin brushes are very similar to the kind of brushes that we use. It has wires that are coated with rubber or plastic. It is also a great flexible brush with loose pins. For pugs, pin brushes are used to pluck out debris and loose hair. Remember pin brushes also helps in the distribution of natural oils in your pug’s skin.

Metal Combs

Metal combs are however good for dogs that have a lot of hair. It’s a good tool to extract hair in large amounts. It helps you to root out all the dead hairs that lie in the undercoat. It can be used along with a slicker brush which takes care of the outer fur hair. Make sure to use a metal comb that has a round tip. This way your pug’s skin won’t feel irritated. 

Rubber Brushes

These brushes are also referred to as a ‘curry brush’. It helps your pug to have clean fur especially when they roll on the mud. It is great to remove dirt, oil from the hair. You can use a metal version of these brushes to pluck out more hair. You can also use these brushes in sensitive parts of your pug’s body like ears, paws and tail.

Wide-tooth combs

It’s a great brush to extract out dirt, matted rolled-out hair. It is a bit gentler than comb having finer teeth. It is generally made for pugs who have sensitive skin.

Combo Brushes

Combo brushes are often found in 2 in 1 design format. These brushes usually have two sides, one is to remove dander and dirt. While the other is used to root out dead hair. Combo brushes are amazing for pugs who have medium to long hair and thick coats.

Best Grooming Brushes for Pugs

  1. JW Gripsoft Slicker Brush

The JW Gripsoft brush is an amazing product for your pugs. It does amazingly well with dogs having sensitive skin. Its pins are soft. You can use it daily. It has a non-slip rubber handle making it durable and easy to have a grip.

JW Pet Company GripSoft Slicker Brush Soft Pin Dog Brush

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  • It is ideal for pets with sensitive skin.
  • It has a soft and round pin. It won’t cause any bruises on your pug’s skin. It will be ideal to remove dry and matted fur
  • It makes it easier for you to grip the handle and brush the dog.
  • Affordable to groom your pug.
  • A variant of sharp pins exists in the market. It is advised to not use that particular variant. It can cause problems with your pug’s skin.

Use of the brush

The brush is generally used to pull out dry hair. It is used to combat shedding issues. After brushing, use a comb to root out all the remaining excess hair.

  1. KongZoom Rubber Multi-Use Wet/Dry Brush

The Kong Zoom Rubber Multi-Use brush is a perfect brush for removing loose dead hair and keeping it healthy and shiny. It is perfect for all types of dogs.

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  • It removes dead hair. It helps in spreading out the oil in a pug’s body. It is also great in stimulating capillaries.
  • Can be used on both wet/dry hair.
  • Use it daily, you can control your pug’s shedding issue.
  • It is made out of natural rubber.
  • It comes in two variants of colour, blue and pink.
  • Hair brushing can be a strenuous job. If your dog does not like a hair combing session, it might run away. Some people have complained that the grip of the handle of the brush is bad. So, dog running accidents are more frequent.

Use of the brush:

For the best possible results make sure you are using the brush in a circular motion. You can put some shampoo on your brush and use it on your pug’s hair. The zoom groom brush works well that way.

  1. Hartz Slicker Brush For Dogs and Cats

The Hartz slicker brush is an all-rounder brush as it performs plenty of duties. It helps in de-shedding, detangling, and removing dead hairs from cats and dogs. It has soft bristles so you don’t have to worry about your pug’s skin.

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Undercoat hair can be found all over your room. Do not worry, this brush tries to tackle that problem.  

  • Tough to remove detangled, matted hair, hair in the undercoat part.
  • Use it daily to keep your pug’s hair shiny and healthy.
  • It has been designed with keeping all the safety instructions in mind. It’s a safe brush for your pug.
  • It has an ergonomic design and hence it is easier to work with.
  • It can be found in many types of variety in brushes. The types include- detangling brush, flea comb, combo brushes, and the Fur-Fetcher.
  • It has a small brush surface. There is a good chance that after a brush session, a lot of hairs can fall out.
  • Make sure to keep a towel on the floor while brushing the pug.

Use of the brush:

Brush your dog daily for more effective results. 

  1. Pet Thunder Gentle Grooming Glove

The Pet Thunder Grooming Glove is actually an amazing item of brushing. Usually, due to the roughness in bristles, pugs tend to run away from a brushing session. But with gloves, pugs will come to you for a good petting session. Meanwhile, you can groom them with gloves.

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  • Perfect for all coat types in dogs, long or short hair.
  • Can be used in wet/dry hair.
  • Size is universal mostly.
  • There is a fastener that won’t let the mitts fall off.
  • There are no bristles to irritate your pug. In fact, pugs will love the massage session. They might beg for more. 
  • It will help you bond with your pug. You are essentially petting your pug and grooming too.
  • Some people have objected to the product. Mostly these pet owners had long hair dogs.

Use of the product:

  • It is advisable for you to put the gloves on your dominating hand and adjust the fuzzy fastener. Keep the pug on your lap and stroke its hair.
  • Pet your pug till the excess hair is completely removed. After petting, clean your brush.
  1. Safari Wire Pin Brush For Dogs

The safari wire pin brush will make your life a lot easier. It helps in removing loose, old and debris from the pug’s fur. The brush is amazing for double-coated pugs. The hair will look amazing and shiny. 

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  • It doesn’t take a lot of effort. You can easily use it to extract the debris from your pug’s skin.
  • It distributes natural oils on your pug’s skin. It keeps your pug’s hair shiny and natural.
  • Its handle is ergonomic, so it’s easy to use without any discomfort.
  • Available in both large and small sizes for any breed.
  • To control shedding, make sure you are brushing your pug 2-3 times per week.
  • People have complained about its pin bristles. It can be a bit flimsy.

Use of the product:

It is advised that you brush your pug in the direction where the hair grows. This will help you to keep out all the debris and dead hair from your pug’s skin.

Factors to Consider While Buying a Brush for a Pug 

This can be a pretty challenging task. There are so many brushes available in the market. What to choose from all the options can be a pretty daunting task. What will suit your pug’s fur is an even bigger question. We are often confused about what kind of brushes we should pick for brushing fur. Should it be hard, soft, detangler furminator, deshedding brush etc. 

Some things you should consider while selecting a grooming brush:

Will Your Results Be Long Lasting?

This is a very important thing to remember. You need to remember to choose a brush that cuts the problem in its root. So, it’s better if you get a de-shedding tool. You can use it 1-2 times to take a hold of the problem, especially during the shedding season. But there is a slight chance of it causing irritation to your skin. So, use it safely.

Brush daily

Brushing daily is another important thing to remember. For daily brushing make sure you use a sickler or bristle brush. If your dog or you prefer to use grooming gloves every day, you can even do that. Daily brushing will make their hair softer, shinier and good in between bathing.


Sensitivity is an important point to consider while getting a brush. Do remember that metal brushes can bruise your pug’s skin. It’s advised to use gloves instead. And there might be other factors too like pins and bristles that are there on the brush. If your pug has very sensitive skin, make sure you use a brush that has rounded pins.

Brushing a naughty pug

Well, as said, pugs can be naughty. They do not like being brushed. You might have to deploy some tactics to brush their fur. But, the easier way is to just use the glove rather than using a metallic brush that can hurt their skin. And it’s not only that while you brush your pug if it hurts him/her, but he can also get back and bite you. At that time the gloves cab act like an added layer of protection for you. 

Multiple brush types

There is nothing wrong with having a few brushes of each type. Having a pair of slicker brushes, bristle brushes or even a pair of grooming gloves can take care of the remaining periods when not using your deshedding tool. The de-shedding tool helps in the curbing of the undercoat growth, while the rest more or less manages the outer hair growth.

Tips to Properly Brush Your Pug’s Coat?

Brushing your pug is not that hard. It is easy. All you need is the right tools at your disposal. Here are some helpful brushing tips you should consider:

  • Make sure you brush your pug daily since childhood. That way pug puppies when they grow older can get acclimatized quickly and won’t cause problems while you comb their fur.
  • Be patient with your pugs. Make sure you even give a few strokes every day for a few minutes. Even simple steps can minimise a lot of shedding. 
  • While using a new brush, make sure your pug knows about it. Make them smell it. That way they will be more comfortable.
  • Make sure you brush the neck, underbelly, back, chest and tail of your pug. These places can have rolled out, dry-matted hair. The flanks combing is easy. But, do know your dog is a heavy shredder, it requires work on the hairless parts as well.
  • While you are trying to get the hair out of the undercoat, do it gently. Remember, using excessive force can hurt your pooch. It may feel tempting to rip the old hair out. But, do the brushing patiently instead.
  • Make sure to also brush the overcoat well. Since this is where the first layer of fur exists. Make sure you groom it well with a bristle brush. 
  • You can put a positive spin on things. Make sure you are giving your pug treats while redoing your pug’s fur. That way your pug will be more inclined to be part of your brushing session.

Step by Step Guide to Brushing Your Pug

Here are some of the steps sequentially, which you can follow to brush your pug:

  • Keep your brushing tool with you.
  • Grab a disposable of any kind, you can use a trash can if you want.
  • Spot your dog. Make sure you are holding him steadily.
  • If your pug still does not willingly sit, you can use treats to calm him/her.
  • Firstly, make sure you are brushing the fur away from you. That way the hair will fall in a different place. Go with the natural growing direction.
  • Empty the brush after it is done.
  • Then go for the tail. Remember to unwind the spiral while brushing.
  • Brush the tail thoroughly.
  • After you are done brushing the entire body, scratch your dog. That way the remaining hair will loosen up and fall off.
  • Now you can brush the hair on the other side. This means, brush the hair from the opposing side.
  • Discard all hairs and clean your pooch.

Brush Your Pug Outdoors

Make sure that you are brushing your pug outdoors. You do not have any idea how much hair can come out of your little pooch. If you comb your pug indoors, there is a chance that you have to vacuum the place afterwards. Pugs can love vacuums sometimes. Some pug owners have said that their pugs love the vacuum to run over their bodies once. It can be because of the warm feeling they get out of it. Make sure you use the right brush for your pug. And, it’s even easier to comb the hair outside. Especially when it’s in the evening, it will be in a much calmer environment. Your pug will love it. Make sure to give your pug some sweet old treats.

FAQ’s On Pugs Grooming

What is the best brush for pugs?

Slicker and bristle brushes work magically for short hair breeds like pugs. Since pugs have shorter hair, you might not have to worry about tangles. Make sure you use the grooming gloves when your pug does not want to be combed. They feel happy and comfortable as you comb and pat them. Pugs love closure and this is why they feel comfortable in your patting. 

How often should you brush your pug?

You can brush your pug every day, but make sure you do it gently. Remember all dogs shed daily. Make sure you have the right tools and brushes for this. You can use a deshedding tool twice a week, but please make sure it does not harm your pug’s underlying skin. Use the de-shedding tool along with bristle and sickler brushes. You can brush your pug daily with normal brushes like a bristle brush.

Can you overbrush a pug?

Definitely, there is a chance to overbrush a pug. If you use too much force on your pug’s skin, you may bruise your pug. These bruises can lead to infections and further health issues. It might even develop into a rash or infection. Be calm and gentle with your pooch. Do not pluck the hair, rather remove all the dead hair out. If you do rough brushing, the spot can cause skin irritation for your pooch. 

Do pugs need haircuts?

Well, the truth is, pugs do not need haircuts. Pugs do not require their hair to be trimmed or cut. Just make sure you clean your pug’s hair every now and then. And also give them a good brushing session. Take good care of your pug’s nutrition to have nice hair growth. 

Final Words

Do not get overwhelmed with your pug’s fur shedding nightmare. You got this. Just make sure you have the right tools to give your pug the best fur redo. Make sure you do not use the wrong tools or wrong brushes. Just look into the situation and judge for yourself what item is the best to be used for your pug. Try to do all your hair combing sessions outside. Make sure you have all the required stuff before taking your pug for a nice brushing session. Yes, there is a chance your pooch might not like it. Well, then give him/her nice treats. Your pooch can’t ignore that. Do all the fur redoing with love and your pooch will love you back.