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Do Pugs Chew Furniture? (Yes/NO?) {Reasons May Surprise you}

To put it straightforwardly, pugs do chew furniture but not all the time. They do when they are bored or they are hungry or left alone for a long time. Let’s get to know more on this topic in detail.

Pugs are adorable pets; they can be naughty sometimes. There are some things that your pugs might do and piss you off a lot such as biting new furniture. It’s okay for pugs to do that. Your pug can chew a lot. And, the strangest part is pugs are not aware of how much they can chew? With time the habit will go away provided you guide your pug in the right direction. Guide your pug on the right path.

Why Do Pugs Like Chewing Furniture?

Chewing helps adult pugs to keep their jaws strong and clean. Pugs can be bored easily; to deal with boredom they take relief by chewing furniture. So, in a 3 to 8 months time period, your pug will have a new set of teeth coming out. Make sure that your pug has some chew toys. Having new teeth can be a cause of discomfort for them. It leads to pugs chewing furniture. Once the chew toys are available, they do not chew very often. 

Do Pugs Chew Furniture?

Pugs tend to start chewing furniture when they are bored, hungry, or anxious due to some reason. Pugs have to be trained not to chew furniture. Rampant chewing can also cause a variety of problems for your pooch. It can cause a lot of problems including:

Therefore, it’s better to stop your pug’s bad habits from the start itself.

Why Does the Pug Love to Chew?

Do keep in mind every pug is different. No two pugs can be similar. Pugs can start chewing for a host of reasons, but they start due to being bored. There can be an issue with your pug getting agitated due to other reasons as well. It can be anxious or might have some emotional issues that they are trying to convey. There would be other signs to show that your pug is agitated. They will start digging, bark, and bite to show dissatisfaction. You have to know the reasons for their behavior:


Pugs can be easily bored when at home. When you leave for the office, your pooch will have nothing to do and can be all alone. So chewing furniture kept them busy. Pugs do not need to do a lot of exercise. You do not have to invest a lot of time in your pug. Just make sure they do something fun to keep their mind away from the chewing action. You can hand them some toys. Take them in your lap and make them watch a Netflix movie. It will keep their mind off of all the problems.

Separation Anxiety

Pugs are compassionate beings. They look for companions. When you, the only companion to them, leave them alone, they can be sad. To keep the anxiousness away, they start biting onto things. It is like an outlet for them to display all their anxious accumulated feelings. 

Consult a pet psychologist, who can advise you more on separation anxiety. Find someone professional who can tell you what causes your pug to be anxious. Tackling that will lower the chewing action of your pooch.

Hungry Pug

Frankly speaking, a hungry pug can eat anything and everything. If your pug is hungry, there is a good chance it will try to chew furniture thinking it is food. It is not a sign actually of you not feeding your pooch. It’s a simple thing about how you need to stretch out your meals more. Feed less food but in small proportions. As you know your pooch can get hungry soon. It is advised to feed your pooch more meals to tame their will to eat. 

It can also mean that your pug requires nutrient-dense food more than anything. Please feed your dog more nutritious food. Do not use artificial food that is packed with preservatives and all. This can be why your pug always remains hungry? Watch out, if your pug is doing this a lot during meal times.

Coping Mental Stress

Well, as problematic as it is for you to lose good furniture. You should know that your pooch releases a big chunk of its daily stress by biting, nipping, digging, and barking. If your pug is anxious they will chew furniture. In that case, you should focus more on reducing your pug’s anxiety levels. It will automatically reduce their tendency to bite off furniture and chew it.

How to Stop a Pug From Chewing Furniture?

Now, you are pretty sure that your pug is always willing to attack your furniture. And, you want as of now to stop it. Try looking for ways to stop your pooch’s chewing act. You can try deviating your pooch’s attention by giving him some toys to chew. 

Train your pug

Start training your pooch as it always helps. Training will make your pug understand that he should not chew furniture. Try to make it distinguishable for your pooch, some things are not for chewing. Start using positive conditioning as a tool to correct your pooch’s behaviour. Award your pooch whenever he does something right. As you reward your pug by teaching him correct behaviour you are instilling good habits in your pug.

Exercise your pug

Make sure your pooch has got a lot of exercises. Exercise can engage your pug in lots of bodywork and this helps them to refrain from acts like chewing. Make sure your pooch can play with many items. Give your pug some great pug toys. Once they have access to all the good stuff, they won’t think that much about chewing the furniture. 

Bitter Spray

One other thing that you can do to deter a pug is spraying bitter spray on your furniture. Your pug will only try to chew things that they think tastes good. If you put bitter spray on your furniture. Your pooch will most likely not chew it. Pugs won’t chew something that tastes bitter.

Give Your Pug Toys to Play

It is an important thing to remember. You have to teach your pooch that certain things cannot be licked or chewed. Furniture is one of them. Try to change the stream of behaviour by handing them pug toys. Give them pug chews. Make the environment funny. Try to play with them and hand them the toys.

Discipline and Obedience Training

Your pugs require discipline and obedience training to not chew furniture. The first thing you need to do is teach them behavioural traits. Make sure you tell them certain things firmly. Some things they should not be chewing. And the furniture is one such thing. You can start enrolling your pooch in obedience classes. If by any chance is misbehaving with you. If he is doing okay, it should not be a problem. You can also train your pug at home. How should you train your pug? It’s an important question.

  • Catch your pug while he misbehaves. Catch him red-handed when he chews furniture.
  • Be firm with certain things. Make sure that your pooch understands that he should not chew furniture. Your no should be very firm. 
  • If he thinks by any means it’s funny. Try to bring the seriousness again and dictate that he won’t get any item to play. 
  • Always correct any of your pooch’s incorrect behavior. Just make sure your pooch knows that he will not be allowed to eat furniture at any cost.

Take Them to a Vet

After trying everything, Your pooch still chews, it’s time to go to the vet. It can also mean that your pug is suffering from an anxiety problem. Try reaching out to a good vet who is willing to give you proper solutions. Vets will be good with prescribing you medication that can help your pooch. This can be an option if you can’t stop the chewing behavior.

At What Age Do Pugs Start Chewing?

Your pug can start chewing when they are 8 to 16 weeks old. But during this time it can only chew soft things. This is the age where you watch out for your pooch if they are not being naughty and biting harmful things. Make sure your pug has a nice set of teeth and does not bite furniture. When they start teething, around 3 to 8 months old, that’s when your pugs start chewing. Pugs will love to chew since their teeth start to hurt during this time. Due to this problem, they chew a lot more.

At What Age Do My Pugs Stop Chewing?

There is no appropriate age for your pug to not chew. They love chewing. And, it’s perfectly normal for them to chew. When your pug stops teething, that’s when you can accept your pooch to stop chewing. It’s usually between 6-8 months. They tame their chewing process but they will have 42 pairs of teeth. Make sure you provide them with chews and toys. That will help them a lot to not chew. That‘s the only plausible solution to the problem. 

Do Pugs Like Chewing Things Other Than Furniture?

Your pug can chew cables, wires that are out in the open. Make sure you tug them inside the blanket. Always take care of your shoes. For some reason, your pooch might like the taste of shoes. Make sure you keep them away. Or else your pooch will start biting them as well. Remotes can be expensive. Make sure your pooch does not have access to remotes. They can bite remotes and cause damage to it. There is a chance for your pooch to ingest harmful metals or hard plastic, especially when they are still at their teething stage. Make sure they do not ingest anything harmful, as this can cause grave problems in their stomach later.

Final Words

Frankly speaking, your pugs love to chew because the process is innate to them. Just make sure you provide them with proper guidance on what to do and what not to do. Make sure your pooch knows if something they have done is wrong. With proper training and adequate guidance, bad behaviours of your pooch can be altered. Make sure you are patient and make sure your pug is learning not to chew furniture little by little.