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How to Cool Down a Pug? {Expert’s Device}

Pugs are adorable. They are like the best dogs in the whole world for their pet owners. People should know pugs are also brachycephalic dogs. Being from the brachycephalic breed makes pugs have a few health issues. One central point can be non-tolerance to heat. Pugs cannot tolerate heat at all. How do you tackle the problem? What steps do you think you need to take to make your pugs cooler? It would help if you found ways not to overheat your dog by any means. Make sure while taking your pug for playtime outside, you stop by shady trees. Carry some water with you, along with a dog bowl for your pug.

How Do I Know If My Pug is Too Hot?

You will see a lot of signs that your pug is hot. There can be physical signs that will give you guarantees that your pug is having a heatwave problem. These are some signs you need to watch out for to know if your pug has a heatwave health problem.

  • Your pug will have a dry mouth, nose, and gums
  • Your pug will breathe fast and snort
  • Your pug will drool and pant excessively
  • Your pug will be a little off from reality, aloof
  • Your pug’s skin looks dry, non-elastic. If you pull, it’s stiff.
  • Their tongue can have mucus build-up
  • Not able to walk properly
  • Pug will lie down more frequently
  • Your pug can vomit because of the excessive heat
  • Pugs might not feel like having food

What Temperature is too Hot for Pugs?

You have to use a rectal thermometer to know exactly the temperature of your pug. If it’s within the normal range, you do not have to worry. Just remember that a pug’s average temperature is 101.53 degrees Fahrenheit. However, your pug’s average body temperature should be between 101-106 degrees Fahrenheit. If your pug has a temperature above 106 degrees, that should be a wake-up call for you. Run to the vet immediately then and there.

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What Are the Signs of Heatstroke in Pugs?

There can be sure signs visible to you if your pug has a heat stroke. As a pug owner, you have to watch out for these symptoms. You will have to stop them if you discover that your pug is suffering. 

Here are some heatstroke signs to closely watch out for:

  • Your pug losing consciousness can be a problem.
  • Make sure your pug does not vomit often.
  • Your pug can have glazed eyes.
  • Your pug might pant heavily.
  • Your pug can be excessively thirsty.
  • Watch out for your pug’s tongue. It should not look purple.
  • Watch out for any potential seizures.
  • Look for your pug having any issues with muscle coordination.

How to Cool an Overheated Pug?

Well, to cool an overheated pug should never be a big problem. You should know to keep your pug comfortable when the heat is too much. Make sure you can implement some of the steps we will discuss here. It will provide you valuable insights on how to cool your overheated dog.

Provide plenty of fresh water to pooch

Water is the most effective item to help you with your pug’s overheating problem. Make sure your pug is playing in the water. You can even install a water fountain in your home for your pug to play on. Water can help you avoid dire consequences for your pug. If your pug can have risks with overheating, it’s the water that can help you out. You can add ice cubes in your pug’s water as well.

Make Sure Your Pug is Indoors

Pug will like to be with you most of the time. Make sure you keep your pug safe since it’s your responsibility. Please do not take your pug out in hot weather. It can lead your pug to have dire health consequences. Also, remember young pugs can be better apt at handling their body temperature than older pugs. 

Yeah, that sounds a bit crazy, but it’s true. Watch for your pug’s bodily reactions and behavior when they want you to turn on and off the air conditioner. Just make sure you follow their behavior.  

Invest in a Pug Pool

You have to invest in a pool to keep your pug cool. The investment won’t cost you much and can save your pug from a potential heatstroke. Some pugs love swimming or simply playing in the pool. It does incredible to their heat levels. If you have a collection, it will help your pug tremendously. You can go swimming with your pug without many problems. After getting wet, you can dry your pug. You can make an artificial pool as well; it’s just that a pool session will work wonders for your pug.

Give your pug some icy treats

Many people might know this, but your pug loves icy treats. They love frozen icy fruit cuttings. You can prepare ice cream for your pug in a safe way. Make sure your pug does not have any issues while eating them. You can make them in different flavors. Watermelon can be a great fruit for your pug.

How to Keep Your Pug Cool Outdoors?

There is a bigger chance of your pug getting overheated when they are outdoors. Indoors your pug won’t have to face the issue of overheating that much. There are some simple things to know, like stopping by trees when you go for a walk with your pug. You can stop at various tree-shade points while walking on the road. Let’s know about it more:

Follow specific guidelines when exercising your pug:

  • Make sure you exercise your pug in the early mornings and late evenings when the heat is low.
  • Take them through shady areas. 
  • Carry water as well as a bowl with you while you take them outdoors for a walk.
  • Make sure you do not make them walk in hot pavements as it can burn their paws.
  • Take breaks in between while walking, stop for water breaks.
  • You can use cooling mats as well. Make sure your pug can sleep in a cooling mat when coming back home.
  • Let them play in the water after they come from an outing.

Never Leave Your Pug in a Parked Car

It still amazes me how a person can be irresponsible with a small pug. Make sure you are not one of them. Pugs already have a high temperature compared to humans. Do not make the mistake of leaving your pug in a car. At least, in urgent cases, make sure there is a teenager to watch your pug. 

There can be situations where you have to run to do a quick errand. In urgent cases, yes, you can leave your pug. But, make sure someone is watching over your baby pug. It will be far better for you to leave your pug in bed alone than leaving them in an empty heating car.

Provide your pug some shade

Pugs can be very adamant. If they want to come to you, you can’t do much about it. You have to be with them. If you are doing some work outside, like cutting grass in your lawn, make sure your pug is in the shade. You can build a dog house for them. Your pug can play and even watch you doing your work. Pugs can also get severe with their overheating symptoms when they grow old. In that case, as your pug grows old, install a fan for them. Make sure they are getting cooled while you work on your lawn.

Some other bonus tips you should know:

How Can I Keep My Pug Cool at Night?

 There is no issue with your pug at night if you have an ideal temperature available to your pug. Make sure your temperature is not above 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Otherwise, there is no reason for you to worry. In case the temperature is above that limit, make sure to turn on your AC. Or you can adjust your thermostat as well. 

In case your pug is severely overheated due to some reason. Well, try the wet blanket and towel trick. Weta blanket and a towel and wrap your pooch around it. The damp blanket will lower your pug’s temperature. They will be relieved.

Can I Leave My Fan on 24/7?

It is an ideal choice to leave your fan on when your pug is there. Revolving air makes sure that your pug never has too much heat. A lot of heat can create a lot of problems. It’s good as fans work well in this matter. I guess it’s ideal to leave your ceiling fan so long. 

Can Pugs Overheat When They Sleep?

While discussing this, there are two factors that you need to consider. First, understand that no matter how hot it is outside. There is no chance that a similar increase in temperature is possible. But, it is also true that a pug can be 3-4 degrees warmer than you. It is a big deal. If by any chance, they have a heatstroke, they can die even in sleep. It’s advised for you to keep your AC on and the fan throughout the night if possible. 

Does Spraying Water Help Cool Down Pugs?

Well, spraying can provide instant relief to your pug. However, your pugs can also get afraid of the spraying action. Please make sure they are familiar with the spraying mechanism. They can act weird and run away from you. Do not worry, as they are new to it, that’s why they behave a little differently. But, yes, spraying actually can provide a lot of instant relief for your pug. And, that’s a crazy thing for your dogs. 

How Can You Cool a Pug in a Faster Way?

Your pug is one of the most sensitive dogs on the planet. I know you are protective about your pug. And, frankly speaking, being defensive is not such a big problem. However, the problem will be when you would need to cool your pug when the heat catches up on them faster than you thought. At that point, what will be your plan of action? It is something to ponder. These are some things you can do when your pug needs to be cooled down fast:

  • Urgently move your pug to a more relaxed surrounding; prefer cold areas instead of outdoors or shade.
  • Use a thermometer to check your pooch temperature and use cold water to treat.
  • If you can find a baby pool or a freshwater source, make sure you let them have a dip.
  • Run to a vet if you think the problem is much more severe than you thought.
  • Use ice packs, ice blocks out of the fridge, and try to get your pug’s temperature down. You don’t have to worry once the temperature comes down.

Does Wetting Your Pug Help?

Well, wetting surely can help. Use a wet towel or a wet cloth, drench it, and drape it over your pug’s coat. Your pug will feel the coldness. It will help bring down the excess temperature. Even vets allow for this to be done to help your pug’s overheating body automatically. That way, your pug is healthy to work.

FAQs on Cool Pug

Can Fans Help Your Pugs?

There are only two things that can cool down rising temperatures on your pug. One is fans and the other water. You do not have to think much about this. Make sure your fan is on for most of the night. It will keep your pug cool. Fans also prevent your pug from getting a heat stroke at night.

Can Less Appetite be a Sign of Overheating on a Pug?

Yes, this feels like the most unlikely symptom. But your pug can suffer severely from eating less food. It can happen because of your pug being overheated. Make sure your pug does not suffer from excessive heat. It can affect the pug’s appetite. 

What are the consequences of overheating on a pug?

Your pug can have heat-related canine conditions. It can be severe if left untreated and can lead to organ failure. It can even cause death from cardiac arrhythmias.

What shall be considered too hot for your pug?

Temperatures that are above 80-85 degrees can be hazardous to your pug’s health. It can cause a deadly heart stroke.

Final Words

Pugs are sensitive dogs. If for some reason, they face overheating, this can be life-threatening. Mainly, it can be very detrimental to their breathing, which a lot of people might ignore. Make sure your pug is not taken out a lot in the summer. 

Even walking out, walk your pug in the grass. Make sure you feed your pug some water. Keep your pug safe from the heat. Get a pool for your pug if you can. Use toys so that they can be engaged in a swimming pool. And love them when they face heat issues. 

Your love will help them endure the issue better. Just make sure your pug is alright. If the situation deteriorates, make sure you run to a vet.