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When do Pug Puppies Stop Biting?

Pugs when they are puppies can create a lot of problems for you. The main issue is that they can bite you. While in their younger days, biting may not be that of an issue. But, when they grow up, the biting can hurt or even imprint deep marks on your skin. Do not encourage biting behaviour at any cost. Make sure you put across the message sternly that your pooch should not bite you. Try not to be playful with your pug when they start biting. Making it a funny incident can be a problem later. Pugs can be stubborn. There are many ways through which you can put your message across.

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Do Pugs Bite a Lot?

Your pug can bite a lot. However, there are many reasons for your pug to bite. Pugs tend to bite more when they are puppies. They start biting during the teething phase. It is the time when the pug puppies are 6-8 months old. They face a bit of irritation in their gums. It prompts them to bite.

At first, you might find it challenging to deal with the issue. But give it some time, it will be okay.

Why Does My Pug Puppy Bite Me?

As said, there can be a variety of reasons as to why your pug puppy can bite you. The major reasons however are still teething and world interaction. Your puppy however has other reasons as well

  1. Fear- This is just the most honest moment. Pugs can get startled due to certain reasons. They can take a jibe at you as a defense mechanism. They do not have any intention of hurting. It’s just their instincts getting activated. 
  2. Exploration- Pug puppies can be naughty and they have a good curiosity. They can certainly push people’s buttons and see how humans react. They look for things to bite. Just out of curiosity, they can bite.
  3. Playing hours- Pug puppies can be very excited when they have a play session. They are pumped with endorphins. They are lively and are just completely happy with frolic. While playing, they bite. The initial contact for pugs has always been their mouths.
  4. Showing dominance- Yes, this is true. Your pooch can make himself in charge of the relationship. They are pumped with happiness. They want to show their domineering side to you. You just have to alter certain things that your pooch is doing. It will be healthy on your part. 

Can Pug Bites be Dangerous?

Truth be told, pugs are a gentle breed. Pug bites won’t be that big o a problem compared to a pit bull bite. Pitbull bites are 235 PSI (pounds per square inch). It’s a strong bite. But pugs PSI is not available anywhere to know. But still, it will hurt. Make sure that your pug is vaccinated. Apart from that, you should not have a problem. 

Is My Pug Biting Because it’s Aggressive?

Pugs are not aggressive dogs. They are social and companion dogs. However, they can be intense sometimes. Pugs also want to dominate and establish their stamp on the relationship. They want to be taking charge. Due to this, pugs might appear aggressive. Try to train them in such a way that they know, this won’t be possible. However, pug puppies can act aggressively due to many reasons:

  • Feeling threatened- A pug can choose between harming someone after trying to intimidate that person. He can try barking. If that does not work he can bite.
  • Possessive behaviour- Pugs can get possessive about little things. It’s up to us to let them know that possessiveness can be a problem. Training the pooch in the right way can take care of this problem.

Pugs Stopping Teething Can Cure the Biting Issue

Some people also think that your pug is biting because of the teething issue. During 6-8 months pugs do indeed feel a bit of agitation because of their teeth. They can bite because of that. But, still, you have to make sure that there is no other issue apart from it. There can be other problems like lack of training that you need to take care of.

How to Train Your Pug Not to Bite?

There are plenty of training tactics you can apply to not let your pug bite you. There are several ways to not let your pug bite you

Give your pug some chew toys.

Pug puppies have a habit of biting and chewing. The issue does not go away easily. Hence, you need to give your pooch something to chew on. It is incredible if you have chew toys. Get chew toys of different textures. New teething puppies can be agitated. Biting into varied surfaces of toys can reduce the pain they might be feeling in their teeth. Pugs can chew these for hours.

And, another thing that you should remember as well while playing with your pooch. Make sure you use less of your hands and more of the chew toy. When you use your hands during playtime, your pug thinks it’s okay for them to bite your hands. Distance your hands and let them know it’s okay and give them a chew toy.

Make them familiar with the human touch

Frankly speaking, some pugs can also bite because of them not being used to a particular person. Some pugs are okay with you touching them and giving them belly rubs. But, with some other people, they may not like it. As a defence mechanism, they might bite a person. You have to make sure that your pooch is getting used to a lot of different touches so that they are not spooked. If they are shocked they can bite.

Make sure that your pooch is okay being touched. Make it more of a habit by letting other people touch their fur, paws, neck, belly etc. 

Exercise your pug daily

Make sure your pooch has some exercise in their daily routine. Hopefully, they are not slobs. The advantage of good exercise is it will tire your pug. It means your pug won’t have the energy to bite you. But make sure you are not overdoing it. They can have breathing issues and problems. As you know they are a brachycephalic breed and can have health issues quickly. 

Track their biting behaviour

Once you look for ways to limit your pug’s biting problem. You will also learn when your pug becomes a bit naughtier. When will your pug bite? If they can bite when you bend down and start playing with them. Always have a toy whilst you are bending down. Then give them that toy. Do not make your pooch competitive by playing games like tug of war. This will make them more dynamic to perceive you as a competitor. And, they can take a jibe at you then by sinking their teeth on you.

Know the reasons why your pug bites

It’s also important to know why your pooch is biting? What has caused them to bite you? Make sure you have clarity over the matter. There are times when inconsistent training can be a problem. Imagine a situation where you correct your pug’s behaviour every day. I am pretty sure if you try correcting your pooch every day, you will get beneficial results. 

You can use some treats to curb the biting issue

Your pugs like other dogs will surely react to treats. Treats can also be used to reinforce some positive behavioural changes. First of all, try issuing a command for your pooch to follow. If they can successfully execute the command, then give them a treat. If they like the treat that will be a great thing. Unfortunately, pugs tend to bite people while giving off food.

Pugs can be very excited when you hand them food. They jump around and can bite you. During this time, you should be stern and make them follow correct behaviour. Give the treat once your instructions are completed. Please do not give treats to your pooch if they do not follow commands. That will only mean that they can do improper behaviour without having to face any consequence. 

Let them know you are hurt

Make sure that you convey to your pooch that you are hurt by their actions. Pugs should know when they are doing any improper behaviour. You can even yell a bit. Once they understand that their biting hurts you they might stop. 

It is usually seen among pug siblings when they play and fight. If a certain sibling is dissatisfied for some reason, they yell out. That way pus stop being harsh with them.

You can mimic pug’s behaviour

Dog trainers have found a great technique to minimise the biting issue. It’s making a squealing sound or expressing some dissatisfaction with your pooch. It’s like you are mimicking your pooch. You are stating that you do not like their act. Deep down pugs are compassionate dogs. They love being companions. If for any reason, they know you are hurt they will stop it.

Make sure that you do not bite your pug back. Some owners, seeking revenge from the pooch, can start biting their pugs. But that is not the way to handle this sensitive situation. Make sure that your pug understands you are hurt, they will stop doing it. 

You might have seen dogs biting each other when you take them to the garden. It’s very natural for dogs to behave in this manner. It’s just that we need to let them know that the bite hurts. 

Teach your pooch not to fight over food

Pugs love to gorge on food. They can bite when they feel insecure or fear someone will steal their food. Make sure your puppy is trained well with food. If for some reason your pooch is not stopping his aggressive behaviour while you give them food. Take the food bowl away from them. Do not place the bowl till they do not stop their bad behaviour. 

The best test is to hold the food in front of them and not give them the food till they reform their behaviour. Make sure your pooch understands the consequence of bad behaviour. If they start attacking you, do not place the bowl down. If they do not attack, you can place the bowl back. This will help them understand that behaving properly is equivalent to good food.

Repeat the behavioural process several times for your pooch to pick up. After some time, your pug will see you as someone not to mess with. So, they won’t do naughty things. It’s a bit harsh, but it can go a long way in training your pug.

Make sure to socialize your pug with other dogs

Pug puppies tend to learn from each other and older dogs. Make sure you take your pug outside. Pugs can meet many other dogs. It helps them to learn new things from adult dogs. It also helps your pug to be mentally happy and emotionally well. When they meet with other dogs they feel a bit better. They will also tire each other out and that way you don’t have to deal with your pooch that much. His gas is out anyway.

Use a bitter spray on gloves and wear them

There is a trick that you can use. You can wear a pair of gloves and use bitter spray on them. It is useful in a disciplining session. If by any means your pooch tries biting you, they won’t like it. The gloves will taste bitter and they will hate that. This way they might leave biting altogether.

If you want you can use Grannick’s Bitter Apple Liquid 1 on your pooch. It’s a great product to spray on your gloves.

Let your pug know that you make the rules

If older pugs are biting you, that would mean they are trying to be the leader here. In this case, you have to alter the flow and let them know you are the alpha. You can use a bit of dominance as well. Do not let them dictate your behaviour. If they are being adamant and not doing something, be a bit harsh. Do not give in to their behaviour and rather wait till they change their actions. It can bring a lot of change in your pooch’s behaviour. 

Supervise your pug to behave well with children

Pugs can be very excited around children. Make sure their excitement is contained through training. An adult pug that bites kids can be an issue. Pugs can be quite easily excited. If they are overly excited, they can easily go for ears or nose. It can be a problem even if playfully they bite a child. Make sure your pug is used to kids and not be rough with them. They should know how they should behave around children.

How do you know when your pug is doing well in training?

There would be signs for you to know about the progress in training. Your pug might start licking instead of biting. This itself would indicate that your pug has understood what he should not do. But, please don’t stop the training midway. The training itself is a very long journey and it will take time. You can only become better with baby steps. Your pug will also learn things at a very slow pace. Pugs in general can be stubborn and slow at learning. You have to give them their space for them to work on. Do not expect a lot in a very small time frame.

What to do if your pug forgets the training?

First of all, please do not behave in a bad manner. Pugs can be slow at learning. But, you can start again. There can be plenty of reasons that might have led them to forget their training. Pugs can get easily excited. Once they are excited, they can forget their training. You have to take them out for a walk when this happens. Make sure that they have some air. 

For some time let them play with a dog chewing in their kennel. This is the best idea for your pooch. After all, your goal is to limit the bite of your pooch.

What Should You Not Do When Training Your Pooch?

Training your pooch can be a time-consuming task. When you train your pooch, you might have an inkling to slap when they do not behave properly. I would recommend you please do not hit your pooch. Do not slap, tap on your pug for them jumping, biting or nibbling on you. Following things happen if you try to use hands-on your pug:

  • Your pug can become shy or cringe. They won’t come near you.
  • Your pug can be very shy or run out of fear from you. It will make you their abuser.
  • Your pug can bite you in defense. They will see you as an enemy or threat to them.
  • Your pug can see it as a playful thing and might not pay attention to it.

All of these ways are not efficient in putting your message across. It’s better not to use your hands to pat, slap or tap. This can make them very defensive or assertive. Worst case scenario, your pooch will not take the training seriously. 

Pug Biting vs Nipping vs Mouthing

All these acts from your pug are very different from each other. However, biting appears to be aggressive out of all of your pug. Because during a bite, a pug can tear up someone’s skin. A nip and mouthing are different acts. Let us know about all of these more-


Biting can be done by a full-grown pug. It is done by an adult pug when it bites down hard on something. 

Pugs aren’t that aggressive. They shouldn’t bite you for no reason. Training is very essential for your pooch to know to not bite on someone’s hand. 


Nipping does not cause that much tear. It’s more like a sharp pinch. It might be felt by a person having thin skin. Nipping can be costly to your neighbours. If you walk around with an exposed ankle, your pug can nip on it. It’s important to control this behaviour as your pooch can harm guests, neighbours or even a mailman.

The most damage from nipping can be of clothes. Your pugs can carve holes on your expensive clothes when they nip on them.


Mouthing however is a sign of affection from the pooch. The pug uses the whole of its mouth and enters it in your hands. This can be a bit painful for your puppy. So, I would request you to watch out for that. Mouthing however is generally done by your pooch out of affection. 

Pugs will try their best to pull a shoe or a piece of clothing etc. It’s just how they are, they mouth certain things out of affection.

Why Does Your Pug Like to Nip Ankles?

It’s a very inherited trait. It’s a herding behaviour that pugs have picked upon. This way pugs are trying to control you. They do it when they playfully indulge with other pooches. It’s just similar to Desmond trying to dig the ground. However, certain behaviours of animals indeed need to be redirected. In this case, a pug’s behaviour will also be redirected, but just give it some time. Focus on the training aspect. 

When to seek help for a pug’s biting problem?

When you are done trying everything to control your pooch and it’s still a problem. It’s time for you to contact someone who has professional knowledge. They can tell you what is causing your pug to behave in this manner. Is it because of some emotional issue or physical problem? You would know about it anyway.


Many vets specialize in animal aggression. They can even pinpoint what is causing such abrasive behaviour. If you are in the US try contacting someone who is a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist.

What to Do When Bitten by a Pug?

If you have a bleeding wound and not an abrasion. You have to take some steps to take control of the wound. 

  • First, press down on the bitten wound. Just make sure that all infection is out of your blood. This will prevent you from any further infection.
  • Pour some clean water. Use a mild soap to clean it properly.
  • You can use a clean cloth and press down on the bitten wound again. That way the blood will stop pouring.
  • Make sure you use some antibiotic cream on the dog wound. Also, put on a sterile bandage to the wound.
  • If the issue is spiralling into a serious health crisis, seek medical attention.

Is your pug biting for fun?

You need to know if your pug is biting for fun or not. Your pug can throw a fit when you interrupt them in the middle of their play. If your pug is being a bit cold, unaffected, that can mean a temper tantrum. Do not react much in such cases. Do care about your pooch. Remain unaffected, but also do not beat or slap them. Make sure you make a point for your pooch to know that tantrums won’t work on you. As you are completely unaffected by them. 

FAQ on Pug Biting

How to act if a pug bites you?

Make sure you act very sternly when a pug bites you. Firstly try conveying to your pooch that what they did was bad. How do you let them know that? By conveying to them that. Make a squealing sound for your pug to know. Make some action on your neck, move it to and fro. They should know that you disapprove of such behaviour.

How to train your pugs to be gentle?

Your pugs do have the capability to determine how much force they need to exert on someone or somebody. Just make sure that your pug knows you are feeling pain when they forcibly bite you. Dog trainers and behaviourists work extremely well in bridging this information gap that sometimes is difficult to bridge.

Do other dogs bite just like pugs?

A common trait can be found in all breeds of pups similar to pugs. It can be Aussie, Corgi or a Border collie. You should know that all these canines were bred for a specific purpose. Dogs, in the past, had the responsibility of looking after farm security and herd livestock. All these dogs loved biting ankles. 

Should you punish your pugs?

This is a very slippery slope to walk on. Punishment is never a solution for any dog. Rather a progressive behaviour altercation process is more fruitful. Watch out for your pug, is he improving or not. If by any means you start hitting your pug, it can grow more aggressive and might attack you when getting a chance. Use some better tactics to discipline your pooch.

Final Words

Pugs can bite you. You need to employ some disciplinary classes to get your pug on track. Make sure you are patient and calm throughout the process. Do not panic, everything will be okay. Just make sure you are not being the enabler of the bad behaviour, nor are you hitting your pooch under the pretext of discipline. You just have to ensure that your pooch is doing okay. If things do not go as planned as you thought, there is an option to contact a vet and seek expert supervision. Make sure you see a vet which has the existing know-how on the matter. Run some background checks.