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Why Do Pugs Look Sad? {Do They Cry Tears?}

Pugs are a happy, sociable breed. They are fun to be around. They are the best friends you could have ever wished for. But, sometimes it doesn’t seem like your pug is happy. They might be happy, cheerful, and even healthy but that might not reflect in their faces. Is there a reason why your pug’s happiness is not easily reflected on their faces? Well, the truth is, pugs appear to be sad, rather than being sad. Their facial features resemble the human wide-eyed face, due to which we think they are sad.

Let us know more about this phenomenon:

Why Do Pugs Always Look Sad?

Pugs look sad because their face is a bit squished which makes it looks like that. It means they are not actually said all the time but because of their skull structure, their face looks sad.

You should know that pugs belong to a dog breed known as brachycephalic dogs. This breed of dog has a face that looks a bit squished. Well, it has to do with genes. There is a gene called SMOC2, which is a gene that is responsible for face development in dogs. The suppression of this gene can make your dog’s face look sad and squished.

There are other brachycephalic dogs too that have a similar face structure including breeds like Pekingese, French bulldog, English bulldog, and Boston terrier. These dogs have unique genetic traits that make their face look sadder than other dogs. 

But, if you look at it in a much deeper manner, you would find that pugs look sadder to us because we are comparing them to humans’ faces. Yes, if a pug looks at you with droopy eyes and turned-down mouth corners, you will feel sad. It’s quite similar to how a sad person looks. The pug might not even be sadder, it’s us who thinks the pug is sad.

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When Does a Pug Look Really Sad?

Pugs might look sad every time because their faces seem that way. But that doesn’t mean they are not sad ever. They may feel sadness at times. Many pug owners might ignore real signs of sadness thinking that pugs are not sad, as their faces anyway look sad. Their face look is deceiving. It is in general with pugs that their faces do not reveal the true emotions that they might feel on the inside. Pugs can be sad, happy, excited, jealous, frustrated, anxious, or feel every other emotion. But you have no clues to pick up on.

When looks are so deceiving, you have to catch up on your pug’s behavioural signs. It is very similar to how a depressed human behaves when they are sad. Some possible signs that you will encounter include:

The trick here is to look at the signs more so than facial appearance. The symptoms will subside when your pug is happy again. 

How Do I Know if My Pug is Sad?

It will be very evident when your pug loses interest in everything. You will see dominant signs of seclusion and separation from your pug.

  • Your pug will be very less enthusiastic to do new activities. You would see in general a recension in doing things that your pug used to like earlier.
  • Pugs will sleep so much in a day. To an extent that you might not see him/her being active at all.
  • Your pug will start eating less.
  • Your pug will be restless. He/She will have a bad sleep schedule. Might wake up irregularly. 

What are the Reasons for Your Pug’s Emotional Sadness?

Once you have navigated the confusing spotting, Is my pug really sad question. You have to find the reason why your pug is sad? Is it because of something that has caused him/her trauma? Or it can be just plain boredom. Let us know about it more

Catching Boredom

Sometimes our share of time that we have with our pugs is so little. What do we do with our pugs at best? We only take care of their chores, help them in their poop, bathe them. After that, we ran to the office. There is plenty of time left alone for your pooch. He can feel sad and bad during that time. He might get bored being alone and that can trigger sadness. 

Having phobias and fears

Sounds can play a huge role in creating a phobia in your pug. A very small deadly noise can make your pug fearful. Usually, the sound of crackers disturbs a lot of pugs. Make sure that your pooch does not have any underlying fear or phobia. Also, remember your pug can see a shadow in the dark. If it sees a furniture shadow, a shadow of a house or something, it can create deeper fears in his mind. These fears can make them sad.

Suffering from any illness or injury

There is a possibility that there are no mental issues that’s triggering a bad mood. Sometimes physical strain can also cause sadness in your pug. These instantaneous physical health issues can change your pug’s mood from bad to worse. To tackle the physical health issue, make sure you take your pug to a vet.

Changes in the regular environment

Pugs love to be in a routine. Pugs love familiar things. It tries to establish a familiar circle and be in it. Any change in this secure environment can cause them to react. And that reaction can be of sadness. It’s the insecurity that causes it. So, make sure that your changes are not drastic, rather slow. Slow changes are perfectly suitable for your pooch.

Might just be your pug’s personality

As humans, we tend to overanalyze everything and that can be a problem. A pug should be given the space to be him/her completely. If a pug who behaves a bit offbeat should not necessarily concern us. We should only love them regardless. Some pugs may not be hyped like we want them to be. They might just have a different personality.

What to Do if Your Pug is Sad?

Grief and depression are part of every species’s life. Do not worry if your pug has lost hope and does not want to get up. It’s just that you need to provide your pug with a new zeal in life. A passion and a motivation to surge ahead. With time, your pug will stand on its own feet, all smiling and radiating happiness. If your pug is very sad you can take some measures on your part. But, remember nothing can beat professional advice. If you see symptoms not going away, the next logical step is going to a vet.

  • Give your pug a nice, sweet treat. You can also use it as a positive reinforcement process. Give them a treat when they are happy. That way they would know being happy and cheerful gives them treats.
  • Make sure your pug follows a routine of eating, exercising as well as sleeping
  • Take your pooch out to play with other dogs of the neighborhood.
  • Try to spend more time with your pooch, make sure you give him/her all the love and cuddles.
  • Try to add a vet visit to your schedule. Make sure you take your pooch to the vet to keep track of his/her physical health. 
  • Spend quality time with your pug.
  • Look for fear patterns as well:
    • If your pug is getting scary dreams or barking too loud when they see shadows, let them sleep with you. It means they are afraid of the dark.
    • You might find your pug being fearful of the sounds of thunderstorms. If they are, that can mean they are fearful of loud noises. Look for these symptoms and if you see them try to deal with them. 

Does Your Pug Look Sad While Sleeping?

Pug doesn’t look sad while sleeping because the natural look of the pug gives a sad view but when they sleep their sad looks get neutralize a bit. And, they in fact look happy while sleeping. They look even happier when they see good dreams. The way they sleep makes you feel as if they are seeing a very beautiful dream. It somewhere gives you a lot of peace seeing your pooch this calm.

Does a Pug Always Look Sad?

Well, people have different perspectives on this question. Some find a pug sad while some do not. As we know that every person sees and views things differently, the same can be said about how we see pugs. We want our pugs to be happy. But, in the end, it’s us who have to see that happiness in our pug’s faces. That being said, it’s true when a pug smiles, it’s difficult to find that happy emotion. It feels as if they are smiling but the rest of the face is still sad. 

Every pug is different, so we cannot generalise. One pug can be different from another. How do we go on finding the actual meaning of any expression? It is said that dogs alone have 100 expressions. In the same way, a pug also has a lot of variety in its expressions.

It is also about being familiar with your pug. Once you form a deep intimate bond with your pug, you become more familiar with your pooch. It helps in knowing what exactly is behind a certain expression in your pooch. Is he happy or sad? You become better at knowing the meaning of your pug’s expressions.

Do Pugs Cry Tears?

Pugs don’t cry tears of emotions. If you see water coming out of your pug’s eyes, be informed that it is not tears of emotions but a sign of eye infection. 

However, pugs can be sad at times due to various factors and reasons as explained above but they don’t cry tears because of sadness.

Also, It can be surprising for you to know that humans are the only species on this planet that can cry tears of emotions. 

Final Words

It can be a bit confusing to know if your pug is sad. But do not worry as you get to know about your pug more. You would be easily able to spot if your pug is sad in real life or not. But signs should give you the actual cue about your pug’s state of mind.